Conference Center on the Baltic Sea

Orle Hotel - The Conference Centre in Gdansk-Sobieszewo is situated 15 km from the centre of Gdansk, near the E-7 route (20 mins. by car or convenient communication by public transport bus No. 112).

Conference Center on the Baltic Sea

Our hotel is situated by the sea, in a pine forest 100 metres from a sandy beach. The surroundings and location of t he hotel guarantee excellent working and leisure conditions.





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About our hotel

Orle Hotel - The Conference Centre in Gdansk-Sobieszewo is situated 15 km from the centre of Gdansk, near the E-7 route (20 mins. by car or convenient communication by public transport bus No. 112).

Our hotel is situated by the sea, in a pine forest 100 metres from a sandy beach. The surroundings and location of t he hotel guarantee excellent working and leisure conditions.

The unique location of the hotel, the excellent cuisine of our restaurant, professional service and years of experience in the organization of weddings will make this special day remain in your memory for a long time. We provide two air-conditioned wedding rooms for 120 and 160 people.

Our offer

Stay packages

Are you planning a rest at the seaside? The area around Gdansk and Sobieszewska Island is a perfect place for a holiday, a holiday getaway with family and friends. Our leisure center offers stay packages dedicated to organized groups (adults, children and schoolchildren), as well as companies planning to organize training. As a professional Conference Center, we offer 12 training rooms, as well as banquet rooms adapted to the organization of weddings and other occasional, company and integration events. We recommend our seasonal promotions and holiday packages (eg staying in a hotel SPA). More details on the conditions of stay (accommodation, price list, etc.) can be found in the detailed offer of the Orle Hotel. Packages are valid for a limited time, so we encourage you to regularly track changes. If you want to ask additional questions, you can contact the hotel office in Gdansk.

Our offer

SPA corner

Our hotel by the sea enables a perfect combination of active rest surrounded by the unspoiled nature of Sobieszewo Island and relaxing treatments in the hotel’s SPA center. Our nook of SPA is an injection of real energy that will spoil your senses and body.

We will take you on a journey smelling of chocolate, raspberry, watermelon. With us, you will join the world of classical, healing, hot and cold stones massage, the Chinese bubble. In our corner of the SPA you can choose from numerous relaxing treatments. Each of them will be individually adapted to maintain harmony between the body, mind and soul.

We also offer a Finnish sauna, water massage – a jacuzzi and a fitness room. We also recommend a relaxation room with aromatherapy and a sunny terrace. The solar connection Vital Sun is the first professional program of healthy tanning and revitalization, created in the form of a natural sun. It allows you to use the beneficial effects of UV rays in a controlled and safe way.


Direct contact: tel. 784-051-597 or at address

Due to the high popularity of cosmetic services and massages, we kindly inform you that the order of treatments will be performed according to the booking dates.


Body treatments

Basic treatment

100 zł / 30 min

– body peeling + balm

A body shaping  treatment

180zł / 60 min

– body peeling + mask + balm

Relaxing sleep

230zł / 80 min

– body peeling + mask  + balm + face care

Possibility to compose a massage treatment (additional fee)

Face treatments

Moisturizing treatment

140zł / 60 min

– intensive and long lasting moisturizing, gives the skin softness and silkyness

Cleansing treatment

140zł / 60 min

– designed for oily and acne skin

Lifting treatment

140zł / 60 min

– firms the skin, smooths wrinkles, provides vitamins and minerals

Energizint treatment for men

140zł / 60 min

– moisturizing, smooting, energizing and regenerating the skin

Calvitation peeling

 50 zł / 5-15 min

– painless face cleansing


40zł / 5-10 min

– introducing nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin

Diamond microdermabrasion

100zł / 20 min

– mechanical exfoliation of the stratum corneum

Treatments are selected and adapted to the needs of the skin

Hand and nail SPA


25 zł

egzotic manicure SPA(peeling + mask)

 55 zł

pedicure basic

70 zł

pedicure SPA(peeling + mask)

90 zł

parafina (hands lub feets)

30 zł

nail painting

10 zł

hybrid nail painting

89 zł

Additional treatments

depilation of selected parts of the body

30-100 zł

henna eyebrowns with regulation

30 zł

henna eyebrowns

35 zł

eyebrowns regulation

15 zł


Neck massage

20 min / 60 zł

Massage using Yumeiho methods as well as other methods of manual therapy, fascial massage, trigger points, i.e. the techniques that most influence the reduction of muscle tone and reduce muscle and joint pain.

Relaxing massage of the back and spine

30 min / 90 zł

It consists of the most effective techniques and methods most recognized in the environment of therapists. It primarily affects the reduction of paraspinal muscular pain, improves the work of the joints of the spine, lowers muscle tone, also increases muscle strength and efficiency

Complete relaxation massage

60 min / 160 zł
For those who prefer longer holistic massages, we offer holistic massages. They cover the main parts of the body, such as the back, legs, feet and hands. Very good for relaxation, especially for people who have a stressful lifestyle and work. Works well in the regulation of neuromuscular tension

Relaxing massage (back)

45min / 140 zł

It is an ideal way to relax and get rid of negative emotions. It stimulates the muscles, skin and circulatory system at the same time greatly affecting the nervous system. It lowers the tone of the whole body, restores normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure

Hot stones massage

60min / 180 zł

It is a deeply relaxing, revitalizing and regenerating treatment. Massage with warm stones affects the expansion of blood vessels, and thus, increases blood flow through the muscles, accelerating the supply of nutrients and at the same time causes a more efficient excretion of metabolic products

Massage with hot chocolate

180 zł

Deep relaxation, relaxation and a wonderful fragrance experience – all this guarantees you Chocolate Massage. The treatment with the use of special chocolate massage is intended for both women and men, and the only condition for the satisfaction of chocolate massage is the weakness for this famous aphrodisiac. The chocolate aroma stimulates the production of endorphins – “happiness hormones”, which soothe your nerves and improve well-being. Chocolate effectively protects your cells against free radicals and blocks the aging process of the skin, has revitalizing and nutritional properties

Medical massage

30-60 min / 90- 140 zł

The time of the massage depends on the type of illness, massage area and general health of the patient

Ultrasound liposuction

A treatment that reduces fatty tissue deposits. During the procedure, selective destruction of fat cell membranes occurs on the selected body surface, without damaging the skin and other tissues. The treatment helps reduce body fat in places that are difficult to get rid of by traditional methods, ie exercises and diet.

Indications for the procedure:

  • removal of excess body fat
  • skin firming
  • nourishing the body and increasing its flexibility
  • slimming and modeling of the figure
  • reduction of cellulite
  • circulation stimulation
  • stimulation of metabolic processes

The cost of the service:

  • sides + belly – 400 PLN
  • belly – 250 PLN
  • thighs (back / front / inside thighs) – PLN 300
  • buttocks – PLN 250


Non-invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation and reduction of cellulite and adipose tissue. The effectiveness of mesotherapy is based on the use of the phenomenon of electroporation, a wave of impulses that reaches the inside of the cell. The main purpose of the treatment is rejuvenation, normalization, revitalization, moisturizing, toning, lightening of spots, shallow wrinkles, lifting and reduction of cellulite, fat tissue, stretch marks, firming of the bust. No-needle mesotherapy is a pleasant and friendly treatment, there is no discomfort. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the parameters, we adapt the therapy to the threshold of feeling the client. Indications for needleless mesotherapy – cellulite – wrinkles – dry, flaccid skin, “tired” – photo-aging symptoms of skin fotoaging – smokers skin

  • eye area – PLN 100
  • around lips – 100 PLN
  • face – 170 PLN
  • face + neck + cleavage – PLN 240
  • selected area of ​​the body – from 240 PLN


The treatment is used to reduce cellulite and fatty oil by stimulating combustion processes that lead to the reduction of the circumference of the body parts. Under the influence of temperature, fat cells dissolve and metabolism in the tissues increases. In addition, radio waves have a rejuvenating effect, stimulate collagen production, relax and improve skin tone.

Indications for the procedure:

  • slimming and modeling the body
  • reduction of local adipose tissue
  • reduction of advanced forms of cellulite
  • firming the body and eliminating flaccidity (abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks)
  • reduction of scars and stretch marks
  • improving the quality of the body’s skin

The cost of the service:

  • eye area lifting – PLN 150
  • face lift – PLN 200
  • firming of the chosen area of ​​the body (arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs) – PLN 350-400


It is the best method to reduce cellulite. A special head is performed mechanical massage with negative pressure while simultaneously pulling back the folds of the skin (sucking in) and rolling with moving rollers. Dermomasaż improves circulation, eliminates toxins, reduces water retention, activates fat distribution in deep layers, rebuilds the skin’s structure. Multidirectional effect on the tissue allows to achieve excellent results not only in the reduction of cellulite but also reduction of local fatness and firming the skin restoring the proper functioning of tissues.

Indications for the procedure:

  • elimination of cellulite
  • skin firming
  • body shaping
  • stimulation of circulation
  • smoothing stretch marks
  • smoothing scars
  • reduction of edema
  • preparation for liposuction
  • anti-aging therapy
  • relaxation treatments
  • postoperative conditions
  • backaches
  • stress
  • obesity
  • support for the treatment of scars, burns, edema

The cost of the service:

  • belly + sides – PLN 150
  • belly – PLN 120
  • buttocks + back thighs – PLN 160
  • selected part of the thighs – PLN 120
  • arms – PLN 120
  • back (selected part of the back) – 100 PLN

Sauna / Jacuzzi

20 zł/os./1h


10 zł /os./1h

Vibration platform

10 zł /10 min

Sunny connection VITAL SUN

1 zł /1 min

Our offer


We invite you to our à la carte restaurant, where attractive Polish cuisine combines with cuisine from various corners of the world. Our dishes are prepared from fresh, mostly local products. The kitchen encourages homemade dumplings, pasta, light salads and meat and fish dishes. We also serve delicious pizza in many flavors. We also have a special menu for the youngest guests. Our guests can also taste the famous apple pie as well as other home-made cakes prepared daily by our chef. Depending on the season and changing trends, our menu is constantly enriched with various items.

The restaurant has three large sunny terraces. On two terraces there are tables with waiter service. The third is a relaxation area equipped with hammocks and deckchairs.

Qualified staff will be happy to advise you on the choice of dishes and the selection of the right wine. Our card contains a wide selection of spirits and cocktails and the ingenuity of our bartender will surprise many a guest.

The restaurant Leśne Tarasy in Gdańsk is open every day from 10.00 to 22.00.

We also recommend other hotel attractions, including our SPA Corner.


Cold snacks

Śledzik sobieszewski 11 zł
Łosoś po gdańsku 13 zł
Deska serów 16 zł

Warm snacks

Tradycyjne polskie flaczki domowe 12 zł
Złociste chrupiące flaczki ziemniaczane 8 zł
Polędwiczki drobiowe w złotej panierce 12 zł


Rosół z kury z domowymi kluseczkami 9 zł
Pomidorowa z makaronem 9 zł
Kołduny barszczu 9 zł
Kołduny w rosle 9 zł
Zupa dnia 8 zł


Sałatka grecka 15 zł
Sałatka z piersią kurczaka 15 zł
Sałatka z łososiem i jajkiem 15 zł


Dorsz na szpinaku podany z pieczonymi ziemniaczkami 35 zł
Halibut z frytkami i bukietem sałat 35 zł
Pstrąg z pieczonymi warzywami i ziemniakami 35 zł
Łosoś pieczony w bazyliowym pesto podany z frytkami i bukietem sałat 35 zł

Main dish

Pół kaczki z jabłkami podane z duszoną czerwoną kapustą oraz kluskami śląskimi 38 zł
Kotlet schabowy z ziemniakami i surówką 32 zł
Grillowana pierś z warzywami podana z frytkami 32 zł
Polędwiczki wieprzowe w sosie z czerwonego wina z surówką oraz puree z ziemniaków 38 zł
Kotlet de volaille z bukietem sałat oraz pieczonymi ziemniakami 32 zł
Chicken burger z frytkami 19 zł


Pierogi ruskie 15 zł
Pierogi z mięsem 15 zł
Ukraińskie pielmeni 15 zł
Pierogi z owocami 15 zł


Z krewetkami 26 zł
Z brokułem i serem pleśniowym 23 zł
Z kurczkiem w sosie śmietanowym 23 zł


MARGHERITA (sos,ser) 14 zł
CAPRICIOSA (sos, ser, szynka, pieczarki 16 zł
HAWAJSKA (sos, ser, ananas, kurczak, kukurydza) 18 zł
SALAMI (sos, ser, salami, papryka, cebula, oliwki ) 18 zł
WEGETARIAŃSKA (sos, ser, mozarella, feta, pomidor, papryka, cebula, oliwki ) 18 zł
WIEJSKA (sos, ser, kiełbasa, jajko, pomidor, ogórek, cebula) 18 zł
DIABOLO (sos, ser, kiełbasa peperoni, szynka, pieczarki, czosnek, cebula) 19 zł
SEROWA (sos, ser, mozarella, feta, pomidor, oliwki) 19 zł
WENECJA (sos, ser, szynka, feta, pieczarki, pomidor, papryka) 19 zł


Pucharek lodowy z owocami oraz bitą śmietaną 10 zł
Szarlotka na ciepło z lodami waniliowymi 9 zł
Sernik na zimno 9 zł
Deser dnia 8 zł

Menu for children

Panierowana pierś z kurczaka z frytkami oraz surówką 15 zł
Spagetti bolognese 15 zł
Domowe paluszki z frytkami oraz surówką 15 zł

Warm drinks


Lipton – różne smaki 4 zł


Rozpuszczalna 7 zł
Z ekspresu 7 zł
Po turecku 7 zł
Cappuccino 7 zł
Espresso 7 zł
Caffe latte 7 zł

Cold drinks


Pomarańczowy 0,25 L /3 zł
Grejpfrutowy 0,25 L /3 zł
Jabłkowy 0,25 L /3 zł
Z czarnej pożeczki 0,25 L /3 zł
Żurawinowy 0,25 L /3 zł


Pepsi 0,2 L / 3 zł
Pepsi / Mirinda 7 up 0,5 L / 5 zł
Nestea 0,5 L / 5 zł

Mineral water

Niegazowana 0,5 L /3 zł
Gazowana 0,5 L /3 zł

Keg Beer

Carlsberg 0,3 L / 4 zł
Carlsberg 0,5 L / 6 zł
Okocim 0,3 L / 3,5 zł
Okocim 0,5 L / 5 zł

Bottle Beer

Carlsberg – butelka 0,33 zł / 6zł
Carlsberg – puszka 0,5 L / 6 zł
Okocim mocny – puszka 0,5 L / 6 zł


Martini Bianco 100 ml / 6 zł
Martini Rosso 100 ml / 6 zł
Martini Rosato 100 ml / 6 zł


100 ml / 6zł

500  ml / 25 zł



Proseco 100 ml / 6 zł
Proseco 500 ml / 25 zł
Szampan Moet & Chandon /Brut Imperial 750 ml / 280 zł


Bols 40 Ml / 5 zł
Wyborowa 40 Ml / 5 zł
Finlandia 40 Ml / 6 zł
Smirnoff 40 Ml / 5 zł
Absolut 40 Ml / 6 zł
Żubrówka 40 Ml / 5 zł
Tequila Sierra Silver 40 Ml / 10 zł
Sierra Resposado 40 Ml / 10 zł


Hennesy Fine de Cognac 40 Ml / 20 zł
Martell V.S. 40 Ml / 11 zł
Metaxa 5 40 Ml / 8 zł
Stock 40 Ml / 10 zł


Ballantine’s 40 Ml / 7 zł
Johnie Walker Red Label 40 Ml / 7 zł
Johnie Walker Black Label 40 Ml / 12 zł
Jim Beam White 40 Ml / 8 zł
Jack Daniels 40 Ml / 10 zł
Jameson Black Label 40 Ml / 10 zł
Glenfiddich 12 yo. 40 Ml / 20 zł
Chivas 40 Ml / 15 zł


Bacardi Carta Blanca 40 Ml / 7 zł
Carta Negra 40 Ml / 8 zł


Bombay 40 Ml / 8 zł
Gordon’s 40 Ml / 6 zł
Beefeater 40 Ml / 6 zł

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