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Relaxation? Only at the SPA hotel in Gdańsk!


Do you feel overworked and burned out? Would you like to quit everything and leave for a few days? Think about a short trip to Gdansk, and preferably a hotel with a SPA. This combination will guarantee you regeneration and a fresh dose of optimism!

By the sea!

First of all, let’s start with the most important asset of Gdańsk – the Baltic Sea! Just walking on the beach and inhaling iodine improves the mood. Observing and listening to the waves breaking on the shore, it calms down, soothes and calms the nerves. Beaches in Gdansk have their charm both in the summer when you can sunbathe in the sun on the warm sand, but they are also fascinating in winter when they are empty and quiet. Gdańsk is also a beautiful Old Town, after which you can walk for hours, watching amber products and eating delicacies in cafes and restaurants. If we have more time, we can go by train to Sopot on the Pier, or further – to Gdynia, to visit the ships moored at Kosciuszko Square. There is always something to do in this city, regardless of the weather.

Full relax!

When booking a stay in Gdansk, it is worth taking into account a good SPA hotel. If we really want to regenerate damaged nerves, we will need a bit of luxury and spoilage. In a good hotel, we will rest from the noise of the city and sleep in a comfortable bed. We will also break up our stomach using the hotel restaurant and do not care about duties such as cooking or washing. However, most importantly, we can go to the SPA zone at any time, where our troubled nerves will be taken care of by professionals. An hour’s massage in a moody office is enough for you not only to relax your tense body, but also your mind. In the SPA there is usually a swimming pool or a sauna zone where we can continue to relax. Ladies humor will certainly improve some treatment to improve beauty, even if it will not be the most pleasant. Hotel SPA is a great escape from everyday life, and staying in it allows you to look at many issues from a new perspective.

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