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Why is it worth choosing a hotel near the beach by the sea?

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When choosing a holiday by the sea, it is worth choosing a hotel near the beach. Sometimes we want to make apparent savings looking for accommodation somewhere further from the shoreline, but it is not always the smartest idea. Why?

Close to the room

First of all, when our room is right next to the beach, we do not have to worry about going to it. So, we lose the costs of parking lots or public transport. It should be mentioned that in the season parking lots at the beaches are full and corked, so you usually need a lot of time to find a place for them. It is easier to park somewhere on a private property, but their owners can ask for horrendous amounts for leaving the car for half a day. The proximity of the room allows us to go to him at any time to use the toilet or to eat something. We are not addicted to beach booths, which in the high season have high prices for both a can of a drink and the use of a toilet. Having a hotel by the beach, we can always go back to it if we forget, for example, tanning oil. If we had to get to our hotel, we probably would have to buy the oil. Of course, in an expensive beach booth.


The hotel at the beach is above all an incredible comfort of rest. Probably everyone who once carried beach chairs, a screen and other beach accessories in the thirty-degree heat will confirm that this is not the most pleasant thing in the world. The nerves associated with this will miss us if the beach is at hand, and all the necessary equipment can be quickly carried on her even in two or three light courses. If we have our favorite place on the beach, living next to it, we do not have to get out of bed in the morning to get to the sea and take them. Shortly after breakfast, we take a lazy step with a towel thrown over the hand. The hotel by the beach is especially convenient for parents staying with small children and for the elderly. Easy access to the room is crucial for these age groups.

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