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A romantic weekend for two

para przy kominku

If you plan to take your second half for a romantic weekend, think about going to Gdansk. This city is simply created for lovers and offers many interesting attractions. Of course, it is important to choose a good hotel, where you will not be bored, even when the weather is paying you a prank.

Why Gdańsk?

Gdańsk is simply beautiful. It has beautiful, wide beaches with golden sand, which encourage you to laze in the sun on hot days. Along a large part of the beach runs a promenade and a cycle path where wonderful people can spend their time. Those who like to rest actively. You can rent a bike and go to Sopot or just walk, holding hands, peeking from time to time in boxes with ice cream, waffles and cotton candy. Gdańsk also has a picturesque Old Town. Cobbled streets and colorful houses create an amazing atmosphere. After dark, go to dinner at one of the cozy pubs on the Motława River and observe how the light of the waterfront reflects in it. Take your other half for a ride on the devil’s mill standing nearby. The view of the old town from above is really stunning.

Good hotel

Of course, you must first book a good hotel in Gdansk. Think about one that is somewhat off the beaten track from the main tourist attractions, and preferably not far from the beach. Thanks to this, in a quiet and peaceful area you will have time to really focus on yourself and relax after intense sightseeing during the day. Look for a place that has a restaurant, preferably with experienced chefs and a rich menu. A real date can not do without an elegant dinner. Ideally it would be if the hotel had its own SPA zone. You can then invite your other half for a relaxing massage or treat her with some nice cosmetic treatment. Many hotels have their own saunas, baths or jacuzzi pools. Find out if you can spend some time together. Remember, however, that the romanticism of the trip depends to a large extent on yourself, and not only from the area in which you are.

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