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Holidays in Gdansk

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Choosing the direction for summer vacations, many people think about Gdańsk. No wonder – holidays by the sea is a wonderful rest for the whole family. However, Gdańsk is not only kilometers of beautiful beaches, promenades and pubs where you can eat fresh fish.

It is also a lot of monuments and attractions in the city itself, and even in three cities – Sopot and Gdynia only waiting for tourists to visit Gdańsk from “glued” to them. The entire Tri-City is loved by both adults and children.


Gdańsk boasts beautiful beaches with soft golden sand. Beaches are mostly wide, so every sunbather will find a piece of space for himself. Those less frequented, east of the city, are usually visited by the inhabitants of the Tri-City. They are calmer and quieter. In turn, the beaches from Brzeźno to Sopot are mostly occupied by tourists. Along the whole route there is a promenade and a bike path, and every now and then you can find a pub, a box of ice cream or street souvenir sellers.


However, holidays in Gdansk are a good choice even when the weather is not good. There is always something to do there. In the event of a cloudy day, you can go to the beautiful Old Town. While watching colorful tenement houses and passing the restored city gates, it is worth reaching the Neptune Fountain to take a commemorative photo with the Lord of the Seas. A good idea is also a walk along the Motława River. If you want to get to know some of the curiosities about Gdansk, you can take it on one of the tourist cruise ferries, which we will reach as far as Westerplatte. The latest hit on the Old Town of Gdańsk is the Ferris wheel, built at Motława. The view from the carriage, which is at the very top, is breathtaking. It is also a good idea to go to Sopot or Gdynia. The SKM train can be done in a fast and convenient way. In Sopot, you must go to the Pier and walk around Monciak, and in Gdynia, visit ORP Błyskawica, moored at Skwer Kościuszki. If we continue to desire sensations, we will find them in the Oceanarium at the end of Skwer.

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